Making your Band’s Live Shows Better

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After months of practice and preparation the last thing you want to worry about when stepping on stage is having your band not sound as good as you had hoped.

In Concert Audio in New York can help you to achieve your dreams of achieving quality sound from your band. We have provided you with some necessary steps of preparation you can take as an individual and with your band mates while we can provide you with the sound rentals you need for quality sound.

Individually Prepare

As an individual there are things you can do to prepare for your upcoming gig and ensure your bands success during your live show. Practice all of your songs on your own time until you can play them all consistently well.

Make sure you can play the songs in a variety of positions and environments; standing up, sitting down, in the dark, under a strobe light, etc. Practice in front of your friends to conquer any fears of stage fright.

Prepare as a Band

When it comes to preparing as a band you should distinguish the difference between band practice and band rehearsal. Band practice is a great time to come up with new songs and practice your music together. Band rehearsal is when all of the bands individuals should be playing the songs consistently well and should be show ready.

Discuss with your bad mates the importance of practicing individually so you can focus on showmanship and becoming more cohesive as a band during rehearsals. During rehearsal it is a good idea to tape yourselves performing the set as if it were the live show.

Critique your showmanship and see what you can improve on.

Eliminate Stage Fright

The worst thing that could happen during a live show is coming down with a terrible case of stage fright. Conquer your fears by performing with your band in front of friends and family to take the edge off.

Try not to focus on your audience and your anxieties while on stage. You and your band have prepared for this moment! Focus on showing off what you love to do and having fun.

Performance Logistics

You and your fellow band mates have spent the time preparing yourselves for your live performance, don’t let all your hard work go to waste because your sound equipment isn’t up to par.

In Concert Audio in New York can provide you with all the necessary sound rentals you need to have a successful gig. We can provide you with backline instruments, amps, and even lights.

Contact us today to see how we can make your band’s live performance the one you have always hoped for.

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