Make Your Next Corporate Event Rock

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There are a lot of details that go into planning a major corporate event. It can take months and months of planning and organizing with the goal of leaving a strong lasting impression with everyone in attendance.

It’s a long list of details, from the location to the catering to the announcements and invitations, and the list goes on. One of the ways you can make your next corporate event rock is with your sound and lighting.  There are a lot of options and like your other event partners, your sound partner can make or break your event.

What to Look For

When searching for a sound partner you need to ask the right questions and you need to know what you’re looking for. In Concert Audio can rent, set up and manage the sound at your event. Do you also need lighting and video?  Once you determine what you need, make sure the sound rental company can fulfill all your needs. Make sure they have the equipment to fit the size of your event. The last thing you want is to hire someone who doesn’t come through for you and leaves you scrambling on the day of your event.

You also need to find out about how much experience they have. How long have they been in business? What are some recent events they’ve done that are similar is size and scale of your event? What is their approach and what will be their game plan for your event?

Can they handle the size of your event? You may consider asking for a few references of recent clients to ask how the audio, visual and lighting was at their event. Do your homework and it will payoff.

At In Concert Audio we have an experienced team and great list of equipment options. We take pride in giving attention to every detail while making efficient use of time and equipment resources to also keep your costs to a minimum. We would love to talk to your about your next corporate event and help you make it rock!

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