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New York City is a fabulous city with a fabulous reputation. From the savannahs of Africa to the jungles of South America, the islands of the Pacific to the mountains of Tibet; you could go anywhere in the world and people will have heard of New York City.

Therefore it only makes sense that any events you plan in New York City should be fabulous and what’s a fabulous party without having fabulous sound to accompany it. If you are looking for a New York Sound Engineering company that will make your party sound as fabulous as it is than In Concert Audio is the company for you.

In Concert Audio is there to provide you with high quality sound production reinforcement services and production services. This great company prides themselves on “attention to detail while maintaining the most efficient use of resources to keep your costs to a minimum.” So not only will your party or event sound fabulous, but it will also feel fabulous to your wallet.

If that’s not convincing enough here is just one great review from a customer, “In Concert Audio did a great job on my show! I couldn’t have been happier, the sound was awesome, and the production is great; I would recommend them to anyone.” Fernando Varela, Tenor (David Foster and Friends, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas)

They have several packages that can help you get the most fabulous sound that you could want and need.

Their SILVER package starts at $750 and covers an audience of up to 100 people, the GOLD package starts at $1100 and covers an audience of up to 175 people and finally the PLATINUM package starts at $1550 and covers an audience of up to 275 people. A list of some of the things they do include: live sound reinforcement for speech, music and video, stage managing, live audio recordings, projection, lighting, video, staging and DJ.

Make your event fabulous today and check out In Concert Audio’s website or give them a call today; you can reach Don Jacobs at (646)662-5286 or Serena Rockower (646)322-0804.

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