Lots of Press: The Newport Folk Fest in The New York Times, Rolling Stone & The Boston Globe!

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Since doing the 2012 Newport Folk Festival, articles have been popping up all over the internet praising it and detailing the weekend’s events. This snippet from a New York Times Article by Nate Chinen pointing out how much he liked the idea and execution of the Museum Stage, where Dr. Don was performing audio magic all weekend is below. So we have put together that great snippett and links to articles from Rolling Stone, The Boston Globe, The Upshot and more…

Youth and Age, Both Served at Newport Newport Folk Festival

By: Nate Chinen

“ Mr. Sweet argues that in its current iteration the festival is truer to that original spark than at any time over the past 20 or 30 years. There are holes in that argument, starting with the scarcity of music from Africa or Latin America or the East. (The early folk festival made valiant efforts to undercut its Anglocentric biases.)

But one thing that made the claim feel almost reasonable to me was the ingenuity of the site programming, which had artists playing not only on the three main outdoor stages but also in a chapel-like museum room, along the grounds and in an alcove within the fort’s stone walls. The alcove, sponsored by Sennheiser, involved a signal broadcast through noise-canceling headphones, so you could hear a whisper-quiet set clearly even as another band thundered across the quad. At one point I forsook Iron & Wine for an intimate session with Deer Tick, which achieved a kind of ubiquity here.”

Inside the 2012 Newport Folk Festival

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