How to Promote a Successful Concert

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Whether you are putting on a concert for a good time or for a good cause you need to have all the necessary equipment and employees for it to be successful.

We at In Concert Audio in New York, NY want to help you pull off the greatest concert of the year. We pride ourselves on our expertise in sound engineering and want to provide you with the needed staff and equipment to help you achieve success. Below are a few steps to take in getting ready for your upcoming gig.

Choose an Artist

Who you choose to headline at your concert will determine its popularity and the type of crowd you are going to get. Make sure the artist is popular in the area that you are hosting the concert and that they haven’t been to the area within the last 3 months.

You will also need to contact the artist’s manager to discuss fees. Only hire an artist that within your budget. You can’t have a successful concert if you owe money after it is over.

Find a Venue

This may take some time, but will be beneficial in the end. You need to ensure the space can hold over 1,000 people. This way you aren’t violating any city or fire codes. Budget is again important here, only rent a space that you can afford.

Also make sure that the space works for your overall theme or context of the show. Having a place for your artist to wait before and after the show is also important.

Create a check list before you go and view possible venues to make sure you get everything you need out of the space.

Hire a Promoter

A promoter is someone who has experience in getting the word out about your upcoming concert. They have expertise in advertising and creating hype about any upcoming events. Talk to them about previous shows they have promoted and how they choose to go about the promoting process. They will often charge fees for posters, flyers, and advertising.

Book a Date

Making sure the date and time of your show works with the majority of people’s schedules is a must. The best days are usually Fridays or Saturdays later in the evening.

Book a date a couple months in advance to make sure you can correlate schedules with your staff and the artist. This will also give you and your promoter time to get the word out about your show and sell more tickets.

  • Get the Necessary Equipment

A concert is all about the music. To ensure the best quality of sound you need experts in sound engineering. In Concert Audio in New York, NY has all the equipment and knowledgeable staff you need in order to make your concert a success.

Please contact us today for more information on our equipment and services. Let us help you have the concert of the year that everyone is boasting about.

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