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In Concert Audio kicked off 2013 providing audio and production services for Love Productions at the NYC Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) conference. Annual APAP NYC conference is held at the NYC Hilton in January, drawing together thousands of artists, performers and presenters from all over the world.

APAP presents a wide variety of talent, in an unconventional performance space, with intensely short change overs, creating quite the undergoing for any production company.

Back for our second year at Annual APAP NYC conference, we provided fabulous sound and lights services for Love Productions and 39 different presenters in 3 days, In Concert Audio was up for the marathon! At a Love Productions showcase you can see tribute bands, opera singers, Broadway theater, puppetry, dance (of various forms), classical music, jazz, folk, the list goes on! While diversity serves for intriguing entertainment it is a challenge for an audio engineer and stage and lighting crew to switch gears and master each sound and stage set-up so quickly.

Showcase performances are only 20 minutes long with a new act up every half hour! That is not much time to get to know a band you never heard before and make them, look and sound great! In Concert Audio pulled it off by having great gear and a tight crew.

Our engineers and stage crew work seamlessly together using patience and professionalism. Our crew pays close attention to detail and is well organized making 5 minute change overs seem effortless. Our sound system was efficient for the space and the lighting was all LED technology making the most of the limited power and resources that come with setting up in a conference room.

In Concert Audio works hard to exceed the clients and the artists expectations. We understand that the key to a successful performance is to be sure to do these three things:

1. Gain the clients trust.
2. Make the artists feel comfortable while performing.
3. Move the audience emotionally with the clarity of audio and a spectacle of lights.

We waste no time proving these capabilities at Annual APAP NYC conference so don’t miss us next year at the 2014 Annual APAP NYC Conference and see/hear for yourself!

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