Amp Up Your Wedding

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If you are planning a wedding for the near future you might want to consider how you will be entertaining your guests. In Concert Audio in NY can help you in all of your entertainment needs.

We have sound equipment rentals and DJ’s available to make your wedding everything you have ever dreamed of. Below are some tips on how to make your wedding more exciting for you and your guests.

Placement of DJ

If you choose to have a DJ at your wedding, his or her placement is essential. By placing the DJ by the dance floor you can make sure the light and wires needed for the sound equipment won’t have to be placed in the way of tables for your guests.

Avoid seating guests right next to the speakers. The guests are more likely to complain about the volume of music.

Dance Floor

Depending on how many guests are going to attend your wedding will determine how large of a dance floor you should have.

A 15’x15′ dance floor will accommodate 50-75 guests comfortably; add 3′ to both length and width for each additional 25 guests. Therefore, a reception for 150 would be comfortable with a 24’x24′ dance floor.


It is proven that people feel more comfortable getting out on the dance floor when the lights are dimmed. In Concert Audio in NY has the lighting needs you need for your wedding.

Adjusting the lighting between speeches, dinner, and dancing will cue your guests as to what is next in your line up of your wedding.

Pictures and Video

Don’t let the wedding pictures and videos consume the whole reception time. Your guests want to interact with you, and won’t be able to if you are constantly posing for pictures with your wedding photographer.

It is best if you have your photographer and videographer in the background documenting the wedding at a distance.

Plan your Entrance

Having a fun and unique entrance for the bride and groom is often fun and inviting for your guests. Here is where you can get creative and involve your guests.

This will mark the beginning of the reception and let them know it is time to have fun and celebrate.

Enjoy your wedding and spend time with your guests. This is your day and will be the one of the most memorable events in your life.

By going through In Concert Audio in NY for sound rentals we can make your day be everything you have ever imagined. Contact us today so learn more about our company and how we can help you perfect you wedding for you and your guests.

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